Friday, February 19, 2010


Feb. 1 - 19, 2010

It seems like I've been really busy, but I really have to stop and think just what it is that I've done. So here goes....

Feb. 1st
Went to our Empty Nester's Family Home Evening Group. Had a wonderful time! Always do with that group. The group discussion was on Joseph Smith. I learned so much that I didn't already know. Just made me appreciate all he did even more. What a great man and prophet.

Feb. 5Th & 6Th
Made my first batch of whole wheat bread with Mom Jensen's Bosch Mixer. (It's now my mixer.) I also ground my own wheat into flour using my Mom's (now mine) wheat grinder. It was the best bread I've ever eaten. It took 3 hours to grind enough wheat to make the bread. I was surprised at that. Didn't think it would take so long. (The newer grinders don't.) Then Torri (my friend) and I went to a wheat bread demo. at the Preparedness Store in Idaho Falls. I always learn something new when I go to that demonstration. Next time I make bread it will be even better.

Feb. 8th
Today Rick and I went to Star Valley to see Dr. Shrader. (He is my pulmonologist.) We mad a stop at Gale Izatt's house to drop some things off and had a quick but good visit. She is a special lady. Then on to lunch at "Juan's Taco Shack". They have really good food. Then on to my appointment. I took my 6 min. walk test and did better than last time. Not back up to my normal, but getting there. Dr. Shrader thinks all is going well with my Pulmonary Hypertension and I am finally getting over the Swine Flu, but my Asthma doesn't seem to be under control. So he changed my asthma meds. and we will see what happens. I just had to take photo's of Dr. Shrader and his nurse Suzie. They have helped me so much. I'm sure I would not still be here today if not for Dr. Shrader. I hope he never retires. At least not as long as I'm still alive.

Feb. 9th - 19th
I had my anual appointment with Dr. Erikson. I have a numb spot on one of my feet so he sent me to see a physical therapist. Come to find out I am having back problems that is pinching a nerve to my foot. Since seeing Dr. Erikson I've seen the Physical Therapist 3 times. She has also found that sometime in my life I have really damaged my tail bone. So she is working on relaxing muscles, breaking up scare tissue and trying to get my vertebra lined up. When I leave her office I feel like I've been beat up. I look like I have been too. You should see my bruises. I am not looking forward to going back, but I am looking forward to getting things fixed. Looks like I will be seeing her 2 times a week for a while.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Home from Utah!

Jan. 28, 2010

Just got home from Kirsti's yesterday afternoon. I went to help when she had to go on bedrest for a few days do to high blood pressure. I went to help with the kids and house work and just to keep her down. (I got there Jan. 21st.) Well it worked. She is now up and about. The doctor is pretty sure he will be able to keep her BP down now with medication at least long enough for the baby to grow some more. Today her BP was 120/60. You can't get any better than that! Hopefully it will stay down for at least 8 more weeks. She will then be 32 weeks along and it will be safe to deliver the baby if need be.

I sure enjoyed being with my girls!! I miss them already, but have learned why you have your children when your young. Wow! Do I ever feel old and tired today!! I've now got to get some laundry done and try to get back into my routine. I've also got to try and prepare to go back to Kirsti's when the baby comes. The doctor said the baby probably will have to be delivered early so I've got to get the Adovn books caught up and all our taxes ready to take to the accountant. I'll start that Monday. For now I'm just going to try and get the laundry caught up and get the Avon cataloges sent out. Oh and I have to work on my VT corrdinator duties. Oh so much to do!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Guess who turned 55!

You guessed it, Rick! His birthday was Sunday Jan. 17 and we had a fun party with Kirsti and the girls. They came to spend the weekend with us and helped celberate!! He got some really nice gifts. He got some new shirts for work, season 4 of "Lost", "The Joseph Smith Papers" book 1 and 2, the books "Reflections on Christ" and "Another Testament" by Mark Mabry (he also got a CD and DVD that goes with "Another Testament"), and a wallet. He loved his cards. Becky and Scott sent him a neat one that played Star Wars music and commented on how long ago he was born. My Mom sent him a great card with a cute monkey in sun glasses on the front that said OK... Light the candles. It took him a while and help from Kirsti to relize the back of the card said "and call the fire department". Tommy called to wish Rick "Happy Birthday" and said he was sending the new "Star Trek" movie in blue ray. Thanks so much everyone for making his day special.

It was fun having Kirsti and the girls here for the weekend. It was kind of low key, but Rick did take Kenzie and Ashley sledding. They had so much fun!! Of course I had to run over and get some pictures. They were gone a lot longer than I thought they would be, because it was so cold. They were sledding almost 2 hours. Wow! They akso helped Grandma make banana bread. We used my new Bosh mixer. (It was my mother-in-laws mixer she had for years, but never used.) It was the first time I had used the mixer and just loved it. We made 7 loaves of banana bread. And you should of seen us covered in flour, bananas and eggs. It has been a long time since I baked with little ones help. It was so fun!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Jan. 4 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It is going to take me a while to get used to the 2010 thing. I'll probably just get used to it and then it will be 2011.

We spent new years eve with the Burtenshaws playing games and eating goodies. We really had a fun time. Nicole and Scott (Torri & Curtis' daughter and son in-law) were there too. Scott even played games with us which made it even more fun. (Scott doesn't like to play games very much.) Thanks Scott! At midnight we watched the ball drop in Times Square and yelled HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Unfortunately I didn't remember to take my camera so got no photo's. Maybe next year!) Since it was way passed our bedtime we went home and were in bed by 12:30. One of my favorite ways to spend New Years Eve.

Yesterday, the first Sunday of the year, we started church at 9 am. It sure was hard getting up early, but I do like the early schedule better. It will be nicer once I get used to getting up and not sleeping in on Sundays. We also started teaching the "Marriage and Family Relations Class" again. That was our church calling a couple years ago and we were never released from that calling before we were given the ones we now have (High Priest Group Leaders 1st counselor and Visiting Teaching Coordinator). Unfortunately our new Bishop remembered that and so now we are teaching that class again in Sunday School, along with everything else. When I told my Mom we were teaching that class again she laughed so hard I thought she might fall off her chair. (That was my reaction when they originally called us to teach the class.) There must be something I need to learn that I'm just not getting from this class. I sure hope I get it this time through. I did ask the Bishop if Rick and I were going to be the eternal "Marriage and Family Relations Class" teacher. He laughed about that but never answered me. I hope he's actually not considering it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Dec. 27 - 28, 2009
On Sunday Kirsti and family went to sacrament meeting with us. The girls got to wear their Christmas Dresses again. They were so excited!! Then a quiet afternoon, and off to try and see some Christmas lights. We weren't able to find too many of them. The best ones were probably the Jolley's just around the corner from us. They have them synchrized to music you can tune in on the raido. We sat and watched their lights until they went through all 4 songs. It was fun!

On Monday we went to the movies and saw "The Princess and the Frog". The girls loved it!! It was a really cute movie. Then back to Grandma and Grandpa's for pizza. When the kids went to bed the adults watched "Star Trek #5" in blue ray!

It has been a wonderful Christmas Holiday!! I have loved everything about it. Especially being with my whole family, you just can't beat that.

Dec. 26, 2009
Today Thomas and Sam had to go home, and Kirsti and family were coming to be with us for a few days. We are so grateful the Izatt's got up at the crack of dawn and hopped in their car (in their PJ's and all) and came to our house. Because of that we were all able to be here together for a couple hours before Tom and Sam had to leave. The Izatt's opened the presents Tommy and Sam got them and we just visited. It was a great day.

Dec. 25, 2009
We are so happy Thomas and Sam were able to be here with us. Because they didn't arrive until 12:30 pm last night we did not get up early. Everyone was up and dressed by about 9:30 am and then we had breakfast. We then looked to see what Santa put in our Stockings and then opened our presents. It was so fun! Thomas got us a blue ray player (Santa brought us some blue ray movies), Kirsit got us a new mail box with cute covers (we really needed the mail box) and season 3 of Lost, and Rick got me a food processor, books and gift certificate to Barns and Noble. I gave Rick a carrying case for his laptop, some chocolates and movies. Oh and Santa brought us both new underwear. Yea!! We appreciate it all so much. After we were finished opening the presented Sam and I decided to give Tommy a make over. I cut his hair and Sam trimed his beard. Now he doesn't look like a scarey homeless person anymore. Be sure and check out the before and after pictures. Then Rick went and got his Mom so she could have dinner with us. It was fun having her here with us. After dinner we watched a few home movies of when the kids were little, then Jerry came over to hang out with Tom and Sam. It was a wonderful day!!

Dec. 17 - 19, 2009

Off to see the Izatt's on the 17th. Arrived in time for diner and to watch Survivor. Then off to bed.

Today, the 18th, I took Ashley out for ice cream at Cold Stones. We had a lot of fun. Had fun just being with everyone today. We had take out pizza for dinner it was really good.

Dec. 19th, today is the day Kenzie and I go see the Nutcracker. We both have been looking forward to it for a long time. But the day started out with Ashley and Blake going to get their flu shots and then Kenzie going to the doctor because she didn't feel very well. She ended up having bronchitis but the doctor said she was well enough to go to the ballet. So armed with lots of Kleenex and cough drops off we went. We had amazing seats on the main floor and just 9 rows back in the middle section. Kenzie was even able to go look down in the orchestra pit and watch them go for their break and then come back after intermission. Ballet West did a great job. It was so fun to share with my granddaughter. I had to buy her a little nutcracker for her to take home and help her remember her 1st ballet with her grandma. Then back to Kirsti's to change clothes and head home. The girls got to open a pre-christmas present before I left. They got their Christmas dresses to wear to church the next day. I was so grateful Kirsti had made me a dinner to eat on my way home. I really didn't want to have to stop. The fog was so.... bad! It didn't go away until I hit the Idaho boarder. I arrived about 10:30 pm and was so glad to be there safely.

Dec. 1 - 13, 2009

This month has started out crazy! Both Sophie and Tenna have been sick since we boarded them for Thanksgiving. The Vet. said they must have gotten the doggy flu. Sophie is doing much better, but we are still having a hard time getting Tenna to eat. On the 7th we had our FHE Group Christmas Party. We had a delicious meal and some fun games. I love being with those people. They are so much fun!! Then on the 9th I did some baking and my visiting teaching. On the 10th I was packing to take my Mom to Becky's for the winter and we had the Ward Christmas Party that evening.

On the 11th we packed up and went to Boise. It was the longest trip to Boise I've ever taken, probably because I was so tried. We arrived at Becky's house at about 5 pm and had a wonderful dinner with Tommy, Derek & Natalie, and Becky & Scott. Becky is a wonderful cook and it tasted so good. I love being in my sisters house especially at Christmas time. They do an amazing job of decorating!! Scott had the outside really lite up. It was beautiful. And the inside was just as nice with garlands everywhere, snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, two Christmas trees, Christmas teddy bears everywhere. It really helped me get in the Christmas Spirit. (And yes I took my camera, but for some reason did not get even one picture. What is wrong with me!!) On Saturday the 12th I didn't do anything, but be lazy. I just sat around and then went and took a nap and then sat around some more. I was so tired. I wanted to rest up for the long drive home. On the 13th I just got up had breakfast, packed up and drove home.

It's good to be home, but now I've got to unpack and get ready to go to the Izatt's on the 19th. So much to do!!